Need Help Finding Employees?

At BaronHR, we understand the enormous pressure business leaders are under. Pressure to meet customer demands. Pressure to keep costs under control. Pressure to remain compliant with ever-changing rules, regulations, and government mandates. The list goes on.

We also understand how personnel issues can upset even the best-laid plans. How a gap in staffing can disrupt operations and production schedules. And how stressful and time consuming it can be to find, keep, and motivate the right kind of workers.

Fortunately for you, we also understand how to relieve some of that pressure: by finding and evaluating qualified, productive workers to fill those gaps and keep operations running smoothly and cost effectively.

Recruiting the Best, and Evaluating Them Carefully

Clients keep coming back to us because we keep finding the right people for them. BaronHR has recruiters in California and in communities throughout the country who work tirelessly to locate, recruit and screen ambitious, hard-working candidates. We don’t merely assess job skills; we also consider temperament and personal character, and go to great lengths to ensure the individual is a good ‘fit’ with the particular company and position.

We’re only successful when we create a ‘win-win’ outcome. Everyone involved, employer and employee alike, has to be completely satisfied. That’s the way we do business at BaronHR. We win when everyone wins.

Round-the-Clock Customer Service

Much of BaronHR’s rapid growth and success is a consequence of our utter devotion to service: service to the men and women who seek career opportunities through us, and service to the businesses that rely on us to find honorable, hard working people often on short notice.

It’s not unusual for a company to have a personnel crisis during what used to be called after hours. For many businesses, especially those that compete globally, there no longer is such a thing as after hours. When they need help, they can’t wait until tomorrow, or until Monday morning. They need it now.

We understand and appreciate this sense of urgency. That’s why we give clients our mobile telephone numbers: so they can reach us when they need us. Because their needs often aren’t limited to the hours between 9:00 and 5:00.

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