Lorenzo E. Herrera

Director of Implementation and Training

Lorenzo E. Herrera is director of implementation and training for the BaronHR Family of Staffing Companies. He is responsible for creating and implementing policies and procedures for all aspects of the business, including branch operations, recruiting, payroll, safety, compliance, and onsite services. 

Herrera also analyzes current and potential software and technology platforms to determine the best options for implementation and training at BaronHR’s numerous branch offices and client locations. In addition, he is developing plans for a specialized training facility that will enable employees to strengthen job-specific skills while increasing their familiarity with company policies and procedures.

His focus is on providing the BaronHR team with the knowledge and tools needed to deliver optimal client service.

Herrera, who was previously onsite services manager and safety coordinator for BaronHR, has almost two decades of experience in management, customer service, safety, and training and development. He gained expertise through his work in the manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and staffing industries. Prior to Joining BaronHR, he worked for Corrosion Engineering, where he was responsible for press operations, and before that was a warehouse supervisor for National Retail Transportation, a third-party logistics company. He also served as a business solutions representative with Alltel Wireless.

Herrera has received extensive training in a variety of disciplines, including total quality management (TQM), ISO9001 auditing, supply chain management, and warehousing operations.