Eric Welch

President of Legal Affairs

As President of Legal Affairs for the BaronHR Family of Staffing Companies, Eric Welch is responsible for sales, operations, human resources and overall financial performance of the various businesses comprising The BaronHR Family of Staffing Companies. Eric also sits on…

L. Johanna Dreisbach

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Johanna Dreisbach provides counsel on BaronHR Family of Staffing Companies legal matters, primarily focusing on contracts, labor law and regulatory compliance. Johanna also serves on The BaronHR Family of Staffing Companies’ Board of Directors. Fluent in both English and Spanish,…

Anthony Ray Williams

Chief Financial Officer

Anthony Ray Williams, an integral member of the company’s finance team, manages the BaronHR credit and collection staff.  In addition to maintaining effective credit and collections policies and procedures, he works closely with the company’s billing department to ensure accurate billing and financial reporting.

Madison Miner


As controller, Madison Miner oversees BaronHR’s accounting, payroll and collections departments. She is responsible for filing quarterly financial reports in 40 states and processing Form W-2 materials for the entire BaronHR family of companies.

Michael Morris

Director of Security & Risk Management

Michael Morris is responsible for security for the BaronHR Family of Companies, ensuring that all branch offices are in compliance with the company’s safety and security guidelines. As head of the company’s Safety and Claims team, he also is concerned with security at client locations.

Julie Schlotterback

Human Resources Manager

Julie Schlotterback, BaronHR Family of Staffing Companies’ human resources manager, is responsible for ensuring that employees throughout The BaronHR Family of Staffing Companies family of staffing companies understand and maintain compliance with the organization’s various personnel policies and procedures. She…

Marcy Herrera

Regional Sales & Operations Manager

Marcy Herrera is Regional Sales & Operations Manager at BaronHR Family of Staffing Companies, responsible for driving profitable growth while promoting operational excellence. She also is a member of the company’s leadership team.

Joseph Martinez

Regional Sales & Operations Manager

Joseph Martinez is an energetic, client-focused strategist who understands the importance of hard work and superior client service. He has consistently demonstrated his ability not only to sell, but also to recruit, train, develop and motivate effective sales teams.

Enrique Lemos

Regional Sales & Operations Manager

In his role as operations and sales manager, Enrique Lemos oversees BaronHR’s branch offices in Orange County, Calif., along with branches in Arizona, Nevada and Washington. He serves as an expert resource for his team, providing cross-training opportunities, strengthening client relationships, and motivating his staff to deliver superior service to clients and job candidates.

Lorenzo E. Herrera

Director of Implementation and Training

Lorenzo E. Herrera is director of implementation and training for the BaronHR Family of Staffing Companies. He is responsible for creating and implementing policies and procedures for all aspects of the business, including branch operations, recruiting, payroll, safety, compliance, and onsite services.

Robert Manzanares

Director of Information Technology

Robert Manzanares is director of information technology for BaronHR Family of Staffing Companies. He is responsible for overall management of the company’s IT systems, including technology assessments, IT strategy development, vendor relations, staffing, and hardware and software implementation. He also serves on the company’s senior leadership team.