Lou E. Perez

Chairman of the Board

From an early age, Lou E. Perez was convinced that with enough insight, energy, determination and focus, he could achieve success beyond the wildest dreams of his young peers. Even then he understood that such success would require helping other people achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Robert Wertz, Ed.D


Dr. Robert Wertz is a member of the company’s Board of Directors, advising Chief Executive Lou E. Perez on a variety of strategic, financial, risk management and human resources issues. Wertz was formerly chief business official and deputy superintendent of administrative services for the Rowland Unified School District in Los Angeles County.

Gay Carnello


As a member of The BaronHR Family of Staffing Companies Board of Directors, Gay Carnello helps set the company’s strategic direction and advises Founder and Chief Executive Lou E. Perez on a variety of business and operational issues.

Julie Schlotterback


Julie Schlotterback, BaronHR Family of Staffing Companies’ human resources manager, is responsible for ensuring that employees throughout The BaronHR Family of Staffing Companies family of staffing companies understand and maintain compliance with the organization’s various personnel policies and procedures. She…

Michael Morris


Michael Morris is responsible for security for the BaronHR Family of Companies, ensuring that all branch offices are in compliance with the company’s safety and security guidelines. As head of the company’s Safety and Claims team, he also is concerned with security at client locations.